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Jo's first book is published: Baytree Gardening Companion 2024

With a degree in Garden design and horticulture and fifteen years of designing and maintaining gardens, Jo has accumulated a lot of practical knowledge and copious notes.

COVID lockdown presented Jo with the opportunity to tap into this reservoir of experience and write a no-nonsense, month-by-month guide to creating and maintaining a beautiful garden. After all, gardening is both an art and a science.

Jo realised over the years the importance of keeping a record of the garden's evolution, planting, and activity.

At the end of each chapter (month), there are three Key sections for the gardener to keep a record of the garden's development.

1) Diary planner - this will enable you to plan your gardening for that month.

2) Activity log - this page is to record significant jobs completed in the month.

3) Planting record - this page is a record of all planting in the month. A useful record for the expectation of blooms and harvest.

You will have a history of how you created your garden every year as a legacy for future generations.

Below is Chapter 11 - November - please preview it - your feedback will be welcome.

Download DOCX • 10.84MB

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